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Injection Moulding Machine Control Systems

Hardware and Software Solutions for Plastics Processing

The controller boasts the following functions:

  • The controller can be used with 3 linear Transducers through a fully integrated Analogue Input Card
  • The controller also offers up to 8 zones K-type PID Fuzzy logic temperature control
  • Manual, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto and Photo sensor mode available
  • It is a single board controller featuring an integrated Input
  • Storage of mold data of time, pressure, speed and stroke
  • Suitable for various hydraulic proportional systems
  • High Resolution LCD for easy operation
  • Robot connector for automation upgrade
  • Self test function for maintenance
  • Oil tank high temperature alarm
  • Full function keypad
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Various Alarms


Injection Molding Machine Control System

  • PC compatible and independent
  • The modular design of the HMI makes the control panel diversified in the use.
  • More than 29 optional languages built-in
  • Dual Operating System Design
  • Customized operating panel and screen style
  • HMI software can be replaced at any time for networking
Size(mm) 470(L)x260(W)
Central Processor Intel®XScale PXA270

32bit @ 520MHz(ARM core)

LCD Type 8″ Color TFT
Baud Rate 38400 bps

9Pin panel & controller cable connector

Operation Temperature -10~50º C
Storage Temperature / RH -20~85º C / 85%
Network 1 Port
Memory Card Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1 Port

Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving System

Techmation’s energy-saving servo system is under the pilot series of Techmation’s control system. It is equipped with powerful full-digital-controlled sport card, European branded gerotor, permanent-magnified motor and complete PID-circulated control system that is integrated with high-performance drivers.
This system allows multi-axis synchronization and various controlling proposal to be applied. This further satisfied the requirement of diversification, increased the working efficiency of the machinery, decreases the wear and tear of machinery, as well as increasing the accuracy and stability of the machinery. Simultaneously, this benefits the user’s flexible adjustment and maintenance of the machine due to each individual’s specific needs. This clearly shows the application of the products is highly efficient, accurate and energy-saving.