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DT Toggle system series

Dream Plus(DT 3 series), new generation IMM based on Lean Production
TEDERIC DREAM series have gain great success on providing technical service and support for industrial and civil consumption such as pipe fitting/ auto parts/ appliance/ logistic/ electrical/ package/ medic/ toy etc......
Molding solutions of high preciseness and speed with more profession
Advantages absorbed from DREAM series Single cylinder mono-track low inertia injection unit Highly efficient servo Linear guiding track with less friction and more precision More effected double carriage cylinders More flexibly modularized design
Combination with DT tri-plate clamping unit enable J type injection unit transfer to DT-J series or with DH clamping unit to DH-J series,J type injection unit could be divided into J1 and J2 by injection Volumn and pressure,J1: 7kg≤injection Volumn≤540kg (acctual weight of PE)80MPa low pressure injection series......